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openldap-slapd performance vs. Netscape-slapd ?

dear list,

I had openldap-1.2.11 running on an Indy R5000(256Mb Ram) with Irix 6.5.12.
I choosed openldap because of it's good quality and the good experience I
had with it on standard PC's.
The ldif-file contains about 1550 users but unfortunately slapd had a lot of
problems to search for users. To lookup up a simple users it takes
approximately 5 sec's and CPU-load was at nearly 80-90 percent.
So my boss was very unhappy with its performance so he told me to try
Netscape 3.12 which is running perfectly fine on that kind of machine.
What's the matter ? I don't really understand the difference of these both ?