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Re[4]: passwd error

Hey Sergio,

Thursday, July 19, 2001, 10:43:28 PM, you wrote:

SAK> thanks kevin, after 15 hours I finally get my ldap deamon to
SAK> accept the output from migrate_passwd.pl  :)

SAK> one of the stumblings block I found with openldap is that
SAK> it never give me meaningfull error messages (well, maybe
SAK> they can be meaninfull to an advanced user, but his chances
SAK> to get errors are way less than mines)

SAK> examples:

SAK> ldap_add: No such object   --> what object ??
SAK>                            `-> what are you talking about ?

Combine this with logging.  Add a local4 line to your
/etc/syslogd.conf file for ldap.log.  Then touch ldap.log in /var/log.

SAK> ldap_add: Object class violation
SAK>         additional info: attribute not allowed  --> what attribute ??

SAK> [I still don't understand why migrate_passwd.pl generate
SAK>  non-compliant attributes, I have to "schemacheck off"]

SAK> of course I was trying to ldapadd the output from migrate_passwd.pl
SAK> without ldapadding this:

SAK> dn: dc=ksb-arg,dc=com
SAK> objectclass: top

SAK> dn: ou=People,dc=ksb-arg,dc=com
SAK> ou: People
SAK> objectClass: organization

SAK> now my problem is how to mantain the unix accounts sinchronized
SAK> with the ldap base, but that is another thread...

Look at the archives first.  And go to http://marc.theaimsgroup.com
and look at the pamldap and nssldap archives.

SAK> thanks,
SAK> /sergio