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Re: passwd error

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From: "Alan Sparks" <asparks@quris.com>

> "Sergio A. Kessler" wrote:
> >
> > system: redhat 7.1 openldap-servers-2.0.7-14
> >
> > [root@safari openldap]# service ldap start
> > Starting slapd: Unrecognized database type (passwd)
> >                                                            [FAILED]
> >
> > why ??
> > in the man page it said that I can set database to "passwd"
> Only if you've built openldap with the --enable-passwd option...

hu !  (shame to redhat rpm maintainer)
thanks alan.

ok, I changed back to "database ldbm", then I do:
[root@safari migration]# service ldap start
Starting slapd:                                            [  OK  ]
[root@safari migration]# ldapadd -x -D "cn=root,dc=ksb-arg,dc=org" -W -f
Enter LDAP Password:
ldap_bind: Invalid credentials

I suppose I should enter the same password I put in the line:
rootpw          {crypt}sk8YzjVpD2sUQ
(of course decrypted), right ?

[sorry for asking dumb questions, but I already lost 12 hours with this
and my brain is totally fried]