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Re: Re[2]: passwd error

thanks kevin, after 15 hours I finally get my ldap deamon to
accept the output from migrate_passwd.pl  :)

one of the stumblings block I found with openldap is that
it never give me meaningfull error messages (well, maybe
they can be meaninfull to an advanced user, but his chances
to get errors are way less than mines)


ldap_add: No such object   --> what object ??
                           `-> what are you talking about ?

ldap_add: Object class violation
        additional info: attribute not allowed  --> what attribute ??

[I still don't understand why migrate_passwd.pl generate
 non-compliant attributes, I have to "schemacheck off"]

of course I was trying to ldapadd the output from migrate_passwd.pl
without ldapadding this:

dn: dc=ksb-arg,dc=com
objectclass: top

dn: ou=People,dc=ksb-arg,dc=com
ou: People
objectClass: organization

now my problem is how to mantain the unix accounts sinchronized
with the ldap base, but that is another thread...


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Kevin J. Menard, Jr." <kmenard@wpi.edu>

> Hey Sergio,
> Thursday, July 19, 2001, 7:03:13 PM, you wrote:
> SAK> I suppose I should enter the same password I put in the line:
> SAK> rootpw          {crypt}sk8YzjVpD2sUQ
> SAK> (of course decrypted), right ?
> Yeah, or you could just copy that entire line.  OpenLDAP will accept
> both AFAIK.
> --
>  Kevin