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Re: password change problems 2.0.11

Quoting Jan Z. <j.zeller@gpstechnik.ch> [18 Jul-01 10:50]:
> ./ldappasswd -D "cn=ldapadmin, o=solution, c=ch" -W helene
> Additional info: Invalid DN

I think you need to specify the DN for helene instead of just her
username. For example, with the old script you had:

> read user
> -t "uid=${user},o=TestLDAP,c=CH" \

I.e., you constructed a DN from the username entered. 

Have you tried

./ldappasswd -D "cn=ldapadmin, o=solution, c=ch" -W "uid=helene, o=solution, c=ch"


Maybe even uid=helene would be sufficient, given that you specify a
suffix to use in slapd.conf.