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iPlanet LDAP 4.12 with Solaris 8...

Hi All,

I am not sure if this is the right group to raise this question, but
anyhow, please bare with me:

I installed a brand new Solaris 8 and on it, I installed iPlanet LDAP 4.12
Directoy Server. I am trying to integrate the accounts on the Solaris 8 and
the Directory Server. I tried the steps documented in "Solaris and LDAP
Naming Services" from SunBlueprints and got stucked. I have already created
the proxyagent and the like, however, after I ran "ldapclient" on the same
machine and rebooted, the system seemed to have locked up. I can ping it,
but soon after rpcbind and rpckeyserv is loaded, it stopped.

I think it's running the S71ldap.client, which runs cachemgr. I do not use
NIS at all, but I installed the Solaris Extension software, which contains
nis migration kit, (not the public-domain ones though), and it comes with
startup script for the iPlanet LDAP server, which is named S72ns-slapd.
This is kind of strange, as the server is supposed to be up before the
client does. I have tried getting slapd up before cachemgr, and still the
lockup problem can't be solved.

I restored the system by doing cat /etc/nsswitch.conf.dns >
/etc/nsswitch.conf, and rebooted in single user mode. Suffice it to say
that I follow almost all the server setup procedure mentioned in the
BluePrint except "populating the DS with NIS data", as I don't use it at
all. However, as far as I know, the cachemgr only needs to bind to the
proxyagent and as long as there is the matched client profile in the DS, it
should be fine. Also, I have made the top DIT entry having nisDomainObject
objectclass, which has the attribute nisDomain matching the machines
/etc/defaultdomain.In addition, I want to know, if I DO NOT use NIS at all,
how am I supposed to migrate those /etc/* files to the DS schema? iPlanet
did a very poor job in documenting this kind of integration. Any idea how I
am supposed to integrate plain Solaris 8 accounts with iPlanet LDAP on the
same machine?