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Re: Problems with 2.0.11

Patrick von der Hagen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have two problems regarding 2.0.11.
> I run it on two systems, the first is debian-Linux and was recently upgraded
> from 2.0.10 to 2.0.11. It was much faster with 2.0.10 than it is now and
> people are complainig about it.
> I don't really see a difference but one.
> Now it is:
> schemacheck off
> directory       "/var/lib/openldap"
> index default,cn,sn pres,eq,sub
> index givenname eq,sub,pres

In regards to this, you might want to index objectClass.  Apparently
earlier versions of LDAP did it automatically, but 2.0.11 doesn't.  We
just set up an LDAP directory here and response time was *very*
slow...adding objectClass to the index list sped us up dramatically.

Hope that helps,


Michael Dunlap                   Systems Programmer / Administrator
michael.dunlap@yale.edu          Workstation Support, ITS
(203) 432-1256                   Yale University