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Problems with 2.0.11

Hi all,
I have two problems regarding 2.0.11.

I run it on two systems, the first is debian-Linux and was recently upgraded
from 2.0.10 to 2.0.11. It was much faster with 2.0.10 than it is now and
people are complainig about it.
I don't really see a difference but one.
Now it is:
schemacheck off
directory       "/var/lib/openldap"
index default,cn,sn pres,eq,sub
index givenname eq,sub,pres

With 2.0.10 I used index approx to, but it won't work now with cn, sn
and givenname. What can I do to speed it up? With 2.0.10 the
response-time was perhaps one or two seconds, now it is at least 15
BTW, the part I am concerned about is a public adress-directory, my
mail-system needs an other part ob LDAP, but since it knows the complete
dn in advance (no search required) it is still very fast.

The other system is a Solaris-server, I compiled openldap myself (no
binary-package like on debian) with a gdbm-backend.
It is much faster than the debian-box though index is commented out. I
would like to switch to it, but access-control won't work. :-(
defaultaccess none
access to dn="(.*,)?ou=Mail,dc=ira,dc=uka,dc=de" by domain=studsun1.ira.uka.de read
I get no response when I use those two lines, but everything works fine
if I comment out the access-line and set default-access to read. So the
lookup as such is fine. But why won't this access-directive work?

Any help would be greatly apreciated.