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Re: referral

Daniel Cheah wrote:
> Hello openldap-software,
>                      I am trying to use the following referral service
>                      in  a  single  machine...  using  the  following
>                      slapd.conf
>                   How do I use the following referral with a "space in
>                   between an "o"??
>                   example
>                   dn: ou=abcportal, o=abc com
>                   objectClass: referral
>                   objectClass: extensibleObject
>                   ref: ldap://abc/ou=tmportal,o=abc com
>                   If  I  use abc com , I cannot add to the base of abc
>                   com
>                   I  have  try to use "o=abc com" , but I am getting a
>                   loopback to the base????

These rfc (2255 and the 2251) was useful for me:

Also I recomend the use of dn like:

In the list under a title like "subtree replication" Gerard Carter
explains this item (about the 16 Jan 2001).
In the section 9 of the Administrator's Guide also the topic is covered.

To avoid loops perhaps you need more especific referrals for superior

this simple "superior dc=unav, dc=es" referral causes some loops to me:
#referral       ldap://arcos.cti.unav.es/  

these morte specific works fine
referral        ldap://arcos.cti.unav.es/o=smb,dc=unav,dc=es
referral        ldap://arcos.cti.unav.es:8000/o=alumni,dc=unav,dc=es
referral        ldap://arcos.cti.unav.es:8000/o=people,dc=unav,dc=es


Ignacio Coupeau, Ph.D.     e-mail: icoupeau@unav.es
CTI, Director              fax:    948 425619
University of Navarra      voice:  948 425600
Pamplona, SPAIN            http://www.unav.es/cti/