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Re: Can´t get an simple replica to work.


I had the same error message (which is rather misleading). I finally got replication working by setting

lastmod off

in slapd.conf of the supplier server, which obviously caused the problems on the consumer side, when replicating the operational attributes "lastModifiedTimeStamp" and friends.

I don´t know, if this is the political correct solution, but it actually worked then.


At 18:04 09.07.2001 -0700, you wrote:

I have some problem setting up a simple master with a replica server.
I'm running slapd 2.0.7-14 in my two RedHat 7.1 boxes.

Here is what im doing.
1. I start the master with no entries in the slapd.conf that it should
    replicate any data. The slapd.conf is the same for both boxes.
2. I populate the master  with a very simple ldif-file.
3. I do the same with the slave server.
4. Then I shutdown both the master and slave and changes the slapd.conf
    so the master becomes a master and the slave a slave (right from the
5. I start it up (no errors so far...).
6. Then I add an entry to the master server and it adds nicely, but on
    the slaves syslog a get the following error:
    no objectClass attribute

Maybe I am far out in the bushes in my thinking, but if  I add a post on
the server
should it not be replicated to the slave then...
If you need to look at my files please let me know.

Claes Lindvall