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Can´t get an simple replica to work.


I have some problem setting up a simple master with a replica server.
I'm running slapd 2.0.7-14 in my two RedHat 7.1 boxes.

Here is what im doing.
1. I start the master with no entries in the slapd.conf that it should
    replicate any data. The slapd.conf is the same for both boxes.
2. I populate the master  with a very simple ldif-file.
3. I do the same with the slave server.
4. Then I shutdown both the master and slave and changes the slapd.conf
    so the master becomes a master and the slave a slave (right from the
5. I start it up (no errors so far...).
6. Then I add an entry to the master server and it adds nicely, but on
    the slaves syslog a get the following error:
    no objectClass attribute

Maybe I am far out in the bushes in my thinking, but if  I add a post on
the server
should it not be replicated to the slave then...
If you need to look at my files please let me know.

Claes Lindvall