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Re: entering RDN's with special characters

Chris Audley wrote:
> I tried backslashes (
> such as dn: cn=whois\+\+,dc=...),

This is correct. Another possibility would be to quote the attribute
value like dn: cn="whois++",dc=... but I'm not sure if all
implementations are capable of handling the quotes correctly.

See RFC2253:

   If the UTF-8 string does not have any of the following characters
   which need escaping, then that string can be used as the string
   representation of the value.

    o   a space or "#" character occurring at the beginning of the

    o   a space character occurring at the end of the string

    o   one of the characters ",", "+", """, "\", "<", ">" or ";"

   Implementations MAY escape other characters.

   If a character to be escaped is one of the list shown above, then
   is prefixed by a backslash ('\' ASCII 92).


   Implementations MUST allow a value to be surrounded by quote ('"'
   ASCII 34) characters, which are not part of the value.  Inside
   quoted value, the following characters can occur without any

                   ",", "=", "+", "<", ">", "#" and ";"

Ciao, Michael.