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Re: Progressive service degradation

On Tuesday, July 3, 2001, at 09:19 AM, k.mcgladrey@att.net wrote:
I've been running some saturation tests against OpenLDAP
and have not yet been satisfied that I have things
configured correctly.  The level of service is
acceptable for the first two hours, but during the third
hour, performance drops.  It continues to plummet over
the course of the next 9 hours (it was an 12-hour
test).  Here are the specific technical details:
  Red Hat 7.1
  OpenLDAP 2.0.11 - compiled from source
  Berkeley db 3.1.17 - from Red Hat RPM
  Pentium III 733
  256mb RAM
  10mb Ethernet

  NT 4.0
  DirectoryMark 1.2
  Pentium II 450
  128mb RAM
  10mb Ethernet

Here's the performance stats:
Hour  Avg Time  Transactions  Fails  Timeouts  ops/sec
0100    289       123,961      37        4     34.4
0200    309       115,924      34        3     32.2
0300    486        73,837      18        2     20.5
0400    749        47,987      13        1     13.3
0500    957        37,595      20       13     10.4
0600  1,158        31,067      52       41      8.6

timeout 3600
defaultsearchbase "dc=company,dc=com"

index  objectClass   eq,pres
index  cn            eq,sub
index  sn            eq
index  description   eq
index  seeAlso       eq

cachesize 1500

Only 1500 entires to cache? Lowest class on directorymark is 10,000....

I would like to know what additional configuration can
be performed in order to maintain an acceptable level of
performance over a longer period of time than two hours.

Have you verified it's not a client-side problem?

If you reload slapd when it's in a "degradation" cycle, do the results improve?

Does the server show excessive CPU load over this time?

You might want to take the approach of seeing what is actually changing over time, to see how that's affecting the software.
Maybe a cron script to feed you performance info about the server itself, over the course of a few hours, to see if there's something else occuring.


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