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Re: Logging (was: How to administrate a high volume Openldap)

"Steve Schultze" <sjs@gospelcom.net> wrote...
> This thread reminded me of a somewhat related question that I
> have.  I'm wondering what people use for day-to-day monitoring of the
> status of their slapd.  It seems that the different levels of logging
> usually do far too verbose logging to be useful.  Does anyone have
> satisfactory logging set up for this sort of thing?  I'm used to apache
> logging and the like, where I've got an access and error log, and other
> messages are also sent to syslog.  Thanks!

yeah, i'd be interested too.. at the moment, we're just monitoring our
related applications. (i.e. qmail) as long as they work, i assume ldap is
working too.. :o)
but some monitoring of ldap itself might be helpfull to determin and solve
problems a bit faster..