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Re: More on referrals in 2.0.11

Chris Garrigues wrote:
> I was trying to blame this on perl-ldap, but I think I'm ready to try pinning
> the blame on openldap...
> My perl script (which worked with openldap 1.2.11) notices if a call to
> search returns LDAP_PARTIAL_RESULTS, and if it does looks in the error message
> to see what the referral is.

Same with my LDAP application based on python-ldap. I tried patched
python-ldap linked against OpenLDAP 2.0.7. The exception object
(Pythonism) containing the referral LDAP URL returned a malformed
LDAP URL (with DN but without trailing slash after host name).
Linked against OpenLDAP 1.2.x this just works fine.

Did not have the time to track this down with recent version though.

Ciao, Michael.