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Re: Migration from Netscape LDAP to Openldap

Daniel Cheah wrote:
> Wednesday, June 27, 2001, 5:23:49 PM, you wrote:
> MS> Daniel Cheah wrote:
> >> 1.) My problem is that Netscape LDAP allows empty value for attibutes, BUT
> >> OPENLDAP do not allow this. How do I overcome this?
> MS> Why do you want this?
> This is because this openldap is for a Portal. So some of the
> information is not a MUST. So the attribute is there but without any
> value in it. Netscape export to a ldif file also exported the
> attribute without value. But when I import it to Openldap, it will
> failed.

I see no problem piping your LDIF through a filter removing all
attributes with empty value (grep -v is your friend). But I guess
your main problem is that this might break non-compliant LDAP
applications in your portal.

Ciao, Michael.