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LDAP address book with Outlook

Hi all

I should be able to work this out.... but

With the 2.0.11 "stable" version schema etc files.

I have done some searching through the mail archives but cant seem to find
the exact way to setup OL2K and the LDAP server to be able to populate
most/all of the fields. I note that in the "What LDAP attributes are
recognized" FAQ it only lists groupOfNames, person and organizationPerson as
being recognized by OL, but saw another reference that suggest the use of

In an LDAP How-to I found an extra object class called microsoftaddressbook.
Does this work?

What are you people using? I have the dream that I'll parse every piece of
email that comes in/out for info to plug into LDAP data and allow users a
web interface to do manual updates.

Any thoughts

Bob Cameron
Network Administrator
LSE Technology (Aust) Pty Ltd