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RE: absolutely frustrated

Craig White wrote:

[ snipped ]

>  but the rest
>  ------ 
>  dn: givenname=Jennifer,ou=Children,dc=azapple,dc=com
>  objectclass=organizationalPerson

This is line 2 of the entry.

The problem here is that it should read:
objectclass: organizationalPerson

>  objectclass=InetOrgPerson

Here as well

>  givenname: Jennifer
>  sn: White
>  cn: Jennifer Whilte
>  ou: Children

You should not have the need to specify the ou part, since
that is part of the DN, which is the path under which the new
entry will be stored. (That is, supposing you're still using
the default schema setup that comes with OpenLDAP.)

Another comment from my side:
You should not need to specify both objectclass inetOrgPerson
and organizationalPerson, since inetOrgPerson SUPPlements
organizationalPerson. (Still supposing you're following RFC1617
and ref material as implemented in the schema configs coming
with OpenLDAP.)

>  am I just plain stupid?

I wouldn't say that :)

Just my $0.02,