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Re: FW: AW: referrals (not using ManageDsaIT correctly)

Dan Shriver wrote:

Yeah, I read about partitions (and wrote a rephrase of my
earlier post) before I read yours.  I see I have made a
conceptual mistake, so let me rephrase myself- How do I manage a
partitioned system with openLDAP?  Shouldn't the referral object
cause my entries to be added to the correct 'box' (or collection
of boxes)?  Right now the system tells me it has added the
entries but I don't see them in searching the master (fine) and
I don't see them in searching the slave (I have a problem with

Do I necessarily need to implement a multiple master system in
order to partition (probably the final directory I work on will
have a mix of partitioning and replication)?
If so am I in for trouble (some of the posts here indicate
multiple master openLDAP is a bit problematic)?

not just a bit.. at least i haven't found a "clean" way to set up a multimaster environment with openLDAP.. it works in some way, but it is quite tricky..

Hmmm.  I have a dangerous question to ask and open source
newsgroup- I'm planning to do prototype work both in openLDAP
and Netscape's LDAP (I started on openLDAP simply because, after
using some of Netscape's other products (IMAP, browser...) I was
left with a distinctly bad taste), in part to try both products
out, and in part because some of our customers may be anti open
source).  Does anyone know if Netscape's implementation is
easier to use for a scenario like the one I describe (mix of
partitioning and replication)?

generally, i'd say it shouldn't be such a problem to set up a directory which is spread over several servers, holding different parts of the tree, each of them being replicated to a 2nd (3rd..) machine. allthought.. you'll want to do some kind of load balancing, i guess.. and i (absolutely) don't know how to do this with referrals.. but as long as you know on which machines (IP addresses) your parts of the tree are, you shoudn't have a problem.. (using a l4switch or whatever to manage the requests..)

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