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Re: why is adding records slow?

On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 08:22:44AM -0500, Mark H. Wood wrote:

> I too have trouble believing that network delays and protocol processing
> are taking the bulk of that 0.77sec/transaction, but we need evidence.
> You're free to build the package with profiling enabled and find out for
> yourself where the time is going, and if you would publish the results I'm
> sure we'd all appreciate knowing where the hot spots are.

Since slapadd uses the same backend routines as the main slapd process and
slapadd is a magnitude faster than ldapadd the backend should not be the
problem. What happens when using ldapadd but does not happen when using
slapadd is the ASN.1 encoding/decoding of the requests and the actual
network transfer.  I do not beleive that ldapadd would be network-bound so
this leaves the ASN.1 routines (liblber). I did not do any profiling though
so I might be wrong.

An other idea: slapadd is single-threaded while slapd is multi-threaded. So
there may be threading problems as well; I do not know if this is the case
or not.


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