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Re: why is adding records slow?

begin  Mark H. Wood quotation:
>> my way out the door, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me where
>> that computing time is being spent during ldapadds. I'm curious you see.
>I too have trouble believing that network delays and protocol processing
>are taking the bulk of that 0.77sec/transaction, but we need evidence.

I did a little test here and added 1000 dummy accounts to my directory
on a K6/2 500 machine.  Results were:
63.85user 42.20system 5:57.79elapsed 29%CPU
So I got 2.8 transactions per second (1000/357) or .357 seconds per
transaction (357/1000...duhhhh).

For a complete picture, 8 of the 10 entries in the ldif were indexed
with either eq or pres,eq (that includes indexing the objectclass).  If
anybody's familiar with it, this was 1000 dummy qmailUser entries.

As a newbie, I don't always fully understand what goes on behind the
scenes.  Mmy experiments don't prove much except that speed is
dependent on a few things
1) speed of disk subsystem
2) speed of processor
3) amount of indexing
4) type of indexing

As I recall the other guy having a dual P3/800 machine, I find it hard
to believe that the throughput of my machine can even compare to his.
Instead, I believe that he must have a much larger and complex directory
structure with the resulting ACL's that make it slow.  Could
overindexing cause this symptom?  It seems possible at least to me.
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