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Re: Ldap error code 71 ???

Markus Grunwald wrote:
> I have an OpenLdap v2.xx Server where I wand to rename two DNs (with the JNDI
> API).

Are you issuing a a modrdn call? This means modify RDN.

> The context/suffix is dc=test
> dc=test
> \
>  ou=wag
>  \
>   ou=win
>   | \
>   |  uid=grunwalm
>   |
>   ou=unbekannt
> When I try to rename from uid=grunwalm,ou=win,ou=wag  to
> uid=grunwalm,ou=unbekannt,ou=wag I get the following error:
> LDAP error code 71: cannot rename between DSAa

You are not allowed to call modrdn for different branches of the
LDAP tree. Different branches could be located on different LDAP
servers (or DSAs).

You can only do a modrdn for e.g. uid=grunwalm,ou=win,ou=wag,dc=test
-> uid=grunwalm2,ou=win,ou=wag,dc=test.

When moving data from one branch to another you have to 1. copy all
the data and 2. delete the old entries.

> Well, I have no clue what that means. I stuck to the JNDI tutorial where they
> do exactly this.

Don't know about JNDI though.

Ciao, Michael.