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Ldap error code 71 ???

Hi !

Sorry if i'm completely wrong here but I don't know anything else to go...
(referrals appreciated ;) )

I have an OpenLdap v2.xx Server where I wand to rename two DNs (with the JNDI 

The context/suffix is dc=test

  | \
  |  uid=grunwalm

When I try to rename from uid=grunwalm,ou=win,ou=wag  to 
uid=grunwalm,ou=unbekannt,ou=wag I get the following error:

LDAP error code 71: cannot rename between DSAa

Well, I have no clue what that means. I stuck to the JNDI tutorial where they 
do exactly this.

Can someone help me please ?
Markus Grunwald

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http://counter.li.org                http://www.grunwald.2xs.de