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Re: synchronisation

Laurent FICHTER wrote:

> Hi!
> I would like to synnchronise two Ldap Directories. Can
> anyone explain me the basic mechanisms of it

Basically you need to:
- stop the master and configure it as a master (1)
- copy the database to the slave machine
- configure the slave machine as slave (2)
- restart both,  starting the replication deamon
(slurpd) on the master machine.

(1): replica and replogfile directives, see slapd.conf(5)
(2): updatedn and updateref directives, see slapd.conf(5)

There is no direct means, to my knowledge, to sync
servers on the fly, although such client would be very
interesting (what about coding, and contributing, it?).
However, a sync essentially by means of the ldap_add_*
API call would be unfeasible unless limited to a per
change update due to bad writing performances. Note
that a per change update is exactly what slurpd does.

> and
> eventualy how it is possible to replicate an OpenLdap
> Data base on another server (I've heard of
> multi master mode. Is it there a link ? Does openLdap
> implement it ?)

Yes, but it is very experimental and I don't know
what state it is. I guess you're discouraged from
using it unless you want to fix the possible flaws
(someone who better knows the state of multimaster
stuff may correct me if I'm wrong).

> Is it possible to synchronise data between, for
> example, NDS and OpenLdap, or NDS and Active
> Directory?

Yes in principle; by doing a ldapsearch -LLL of
everything followed by a slapadd of the resulting
ldif file, provided the two schemas are compatible.
I don't know how replication works for the two
products you mentioned, though.

> Is it possible to make an OpenLdap tree be a subtree
> of an Active Directory or NDS tree ? How should I do ?

By means of referrals. You should read slapd.conf(5)
where describing referrals, and

fro the referral objectClass.


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