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change in behavior from 1.2.x to 2.x (was "Re: Schemacheck")

Isn't this a pretty substantial change from the 1.2 releases?  With my
current level of knowledge of slapd, this 'feature' alone will prevent
us from upgrading from 1.2.9 to 2.0.7.  Is there anything that can be
done at the compilation level (e.g., set a flag, apply a patch,
etc...) to get around this issue?


Randy Kunkee wrote:
> > Hi,
> > > I have configured my slapd.conf with the argument: "schemacheck off".
> > But the OpenLDAP stills to check the schema. I guess...
> > > When I try to import an LDIF file it tells me: 
> > > adding new entry
> > uid=ddbacci,ou=terceiros,ou=pessoal,o=fazenda,o=sp.gov,c=BR
> > ldap_add: Undefined attribute type
> > ldap_add: additional info: attribute type undefined
> > > Where's my mistake if, probably, the schema check is off?
> > > Thanks
> > Schemacheck off only disabled checking for which attributes are used
> in objects according to the MAY and MUST rules in the schema.
> Attributes themselves must still all be defined, and they must conform
> to their syntax, despite the schemacheck setting.
> Randy