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Re: help

You need to download and compile gdbm-1.8.0 from a GNU  mirror.  After you 
install this, the configure script should find gdbm just fine.

There is a major bug with the Makefile on gdbm-1.8.0.  Basicaly it doesn't 
install when doing a 'make install' on Solaris.   I have a modified Makefile 
if yours won't install properly.  Also after you install gdbm, do not do a 
make install-compat.  This will screw up other packages like sendmail later 

Brian Wert

> My system is solaris 2.7
> I dont know which ldbm I have to use
> I tried
> ./configure --with-ldbm-api=berkeley
> ./configure --with-ldbm-api=bcompat
> ./configure --with-ldbm-api=gdbm
> 3 options above I still have the same error
> please help or any advises
> Thanks,
> Trinh