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Deleting specific attribute values.

Hey, quite similar to the previous NIS schema question...
to have multiple attributes in an entry, the schema needs
to look something like

attributetype (
        NAME 'maildrop'
        EQUALITY objectIdentifierMatch
        ORDERING caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
        DESC 'Forwarding Address'
        SYNTAX )

Now, heres the question, suppose my entry looks like

dn: uid=user1, o=My Company, c=US
VirtAddress: user1@localhost
maildrop: user1@gateway.com
maildrop: user1@home.com
maildrop: user1@apple.com
maildrop: user1@microsoft.com
maildrop: user1@somewhere.com

It all works fine, however if I wanted to modify/delete/replace
maildrop: user1@apple.com
The ldap server will not allow me to do so, and will automatically
remove the very first one in the list,
maildrop: user1@gateway.com

So, can anyone help me find out how I can have the multiple values
and be able to delete each value no matter where it exists in the

Hopefully I asked that right.

Jaron Omega