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Re: ldap gui?

Paul Jakma wrote:
On Wed, 16 May 2001, Peter Peltonen wrote:

For Linux I haven't found any other good solution. kldap doesn't
work for me as I'm using RH 6.2 and don't have XFree86 v4 nor the
new KDE stuff. LDAP Browser is not free for commercial use. Is
there anything else available for Linux?

gq is pretty good. http://biot.com/gq/

What I'd be really
intrested would be a Web GUI running under Apache.

i'd be interested too. particularly one that is targeted at letting
users login and change their details.
You might want to look at Novell's eGuide.

Also, I have done some servlet implmentations that do allow user login to change their info all from a WEB page.

sldapa (http://www.jeremias.net/projects/sldapa/) is nearly there,
but doesn't have a login.. though that might be easily fixed through
the auth_ldap module for apache.