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Re: strange (swedish) characters

Paul Gillingwater wrote:
> what I did was write a Perl wrapper
> around the LDAPSEARCH interface, that accepts the same parameters, makes the
> search, then returns the results, but with UTF-8 converted to ISO8559-1 (or
> HTML entities for HTML).

Your manipulating text here.

> Now, you could do the same thing with Perl via a socket.  Reconfigure SLAPD to
> listen to a different port (maybe 636?)  Then create a Perl daemon that listens
> to port 389, and which passes on what it gets to SLAPD, then munges the results
> as per your requirements.
> I might be way off-base here, and there are performance issues, but it's a nice
> hack.  Hopefully someone smarter than me can come up with a way so that SLAPD
> can format its output using HTML entities.  :-)

As long as you not implement a full LDAP proxy your "nice hack"
simply wouldn't work. LDAP is not as simple as HTTP.

Ciao, Michael.