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Re: ldap gui?

On Wed, 16 May 2001, Peter Peltonen wrote:

> For Linux I haven't found any other good solution. kldap doesn't
> work for me as I'm using RH 6.2 and don't have XFree86 v4 nor the
> new KDE stuff. LDAP Browser is not free for commercial use. Is
> there anything else available for Linux?

gq is pretty good.  http://biot.com/gq/

> What I'd be really
> intrested would be a Web GUI running under Apache.

i'd be interested too. particularly one that is targeted at letting
users login and change their details.

sldapa (http://www.jeremias.net/projects/sldapa/) is nearly there,
but doesn't have a login.. though that might be easily fixed through
the auth_ldap module for apache.

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