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ldap gui?

What would be a good GUI to use with OpenLDAP? 

For Linux GQ seems fine except I haven't succeeded binding to it with an admin
account. Probably because I'm not using SASL or TLS authentication yet.

For Linux I haven't found any other good solution. kldap doesn't work for me as
I'm using RH 6.2 and don't have XFree86 v4 nor the new KDE stuff. LDAP Browser
is not free for commercial use. Is there anything else available for Linux? What
I'd be really intrested would be a Web GUI running under Apache.

For Windows I tried installing the Netscape Directory Server v4.12's Netscape
Console, but I don't seem to get it authenticate to my OpenLDAP server. Should
it work with it? If so, what is the values that I have to type in the Console's
"User ID" and "Administratoin URL", what is the correct syntax? For Windows I
haven't tried anything else.

WebGUI would be really nice, but is there any out there?