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Re: ldap gui?

My favourite is

The 0.8 version is supposedly due soon.


Peter Peltonen wrote:
> What would be a good GUI to use with OpenLDAP?
> For Linux GQ seems fine except I haven't succeeded binding to it with an admin
> account. Probably because I'm not using SASL or TLS authentication yet.
> For Linux I haven't found any other good solution. kldap doesn't work for me as
> I'm using RH 6.2 and don't have XFree86 v4 nor the new KDE stuff. LDAP Browser
> is not free for commercial use. Is there anything else available for Linux? What
> I'd be really intrested would be a Web GUI running under Apache.
> For Windows I tried installing the Netscape Directory Server v4.12's Netscape
> Console, but I don't seem to get it authenticate to my OpenLDAP server. Should
> it work with it? If so, what is the values that I have to type in the Console's
> "User ID" and "Administratoin URL", what is the correct syntax? For Windows I
> haven't tried anything else.
> WebGUI would be really nice, but is there any out there?
> Cheers,
> Peter

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