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Re: using UTF-8 in openldap 2.0.7

Hello Stephan,

I'm new to OpenLDAP, but I will let you know what I have found out. 
If someone more experienced has a different opirion, please go 

I've had the same problem as you with French extended chars in 
ISO-8859-1 format and, well, I have decided to keep using ISO-
8859-1 data.

I'm using ldif2ldbm to create the database.

The ISO-8859-1 data is encoded in the ldif file in Base64 format. 
Each field containg anything else than numbers is encoded into 

The searches in the database can be done with ISO-8859-1 data 
and the database returns ISO-8859-1 data. Any client application I 
would like to use the understands ISO-8859-1 data, so... why 
should I bother with endless UTF conversions ?

I have developped a Perl script to convert a cvs export of Palm 
address book into a ldif file. The basics of my perl script are as 


use MIME::Base64;

$sn= encode_base64($sn); chop $sn;

  print FICHLDIF <<EOF
dn:: $dn
objectclass: abookPerson
cn:: $cn
sn:: $sn

Note the "::" instead on ":" when the data is Base64. Then with the 
generated file I do "ldif2ldbm -i address.ldif".

That's all !

In short, do not use UTF-8 if you do not need it.