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Re: using UTF-8 in openldap 2.0.7

--Le jeudi 10 mai 2001 0:14 +0200 tardis@writeme.com écrivait:

I'm new to OpenLDAP, but I will let you know what I have found out.
If someone more experienced has a different opirion, please go

I've had the same problem as you with French extended chars in
ISO-8859-1 format and, well, I have decided to keep using ISO-
8859-1 data.

That's what I did first and am still doing in my ldap v2 base. But it's against the rules. Since in ldap v3 the rules exist and are rather clear (they weren't in v2), it seems best to use them, if possible.

In my experience clients are not all compatible with raw ISO8859-1 encoding. For instance Netscape Communicator (4.77) does not interpret it correctly. Try for instance:


Netscape does work correctly with UTF-8 encoding (with a bug on Macs: you have to choose Character Set: Western (MacRoman)). Try for instance:


I have another client, a mail client called Mulberry; its LDAP address lookup doesn't work correctly with UTF-8 encoded values. But I suppose they will fix that. I imagine clients will more and more be UTF-8 compliant. Since an LDAP server is usually meant to be at least partly world-readable, I think it's better to stick to the rules.

But I understand that if you're new to LDAP there can be more important issues to clear up first!

David Olivier
Klebs gardien Alpages CRI courrier brebis Lyon 2 Lumière