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Re: rm -rf openldap*

Quoting Rich West <Rich.West@divatv.com>:

> Unfortunately, documentation (the How-To) is written from the 10,000
> foot level, and the people who I have ping'ed for ideas/help who have
> working installations do not offer much more information that the
> typical MS exec (accurate information, but useless).  :(

That's because it's a very complicated issue. You will HAVE TO have the
basic knowledge on the following issues (at least)

1. UNIX administration
2. Configuring, making and installing software from scratch
3. LDAP (what it is and what it's not)
4. PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules, basic auth system under resent
        Linux systems)

But most of all, you will have to have a knowledge how to read all the
HOWTOs/FAQs and then putting all that information togheter to something
that is understandable and usable (basicly this reads 'read between the

> I guess I should have known to run away screaming when the first
> response I received from a post to the mailing list was the suggestion
> to run kerberos rather than ldap.  :)

You should :)

I almost did, and I consider myself VERY knowledgeble (in all 4 points above).

It took me about 3-4 months (!!) to get a working OpenLDAP/Kerberos system
up and running!

When/If you get OpenLDAP/PAM to work, have a look at the howto I wrote on
how to get OpenLDAP/KerberosV to work together to get me a secure (?!) system.


> Again, thanks for all of the ideas!  Maybe I will come back to this when
> I have time to burn (and my frustration level has dropped)...

To get you started, I'll list some of the links I used to get my first LDAP
system up and running (I might have missed some, but here you go):

IBM Redbook:Understanding LDAP

IBM Redbook:LDAP Implementation Cookbook

PADL:LDAP Migration tools

Using NetScape with OpenLDAP v2.x 

LDAP Nameservice Howto

OpenLDAP Faq-O-Matic:LDAP Applications

If you are running Debian GNU/Linux, then you are much at luck! Everything you
need (in software that is) are already done for you, and accessible with just
a few keystrokes...

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