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RE: Using Outlook

Seasrch the FAQ for "Outlook" to learn what attributes Outlook expects in
order to display them.  To add the LDAP account in Outlook, Choose
[Tools] -> Accounts then "Add Directory Service".  In there you may specify
search DNs, bind DNs, passwords, etc.  If you can't get it to work, check
for typos.

If you play with the message composition window in Outlook, you can get a
Person Icon with a check mark next to it. Use that button to force LDAP
lookups before the message is sent.

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I'm quite new to openldap software. I got the database running. I can add,
modify and search entries using ldap***. Now the next step I want to take
is that Outlook clients could use my sldap server the retrieve that
information and search. I want to set up global addressbook.

Could someone help me out how to do that?