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Re: Comparisons using caseIgnoreOrderingMatch

At 12:11 AM 5/2/01, Chris Smith wrote:
>Thank you for such a quick response.
>In the "Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services" book the
>examples of LDAP search filters on page 98 include: (sn<=Jensen) and say
>that this gives "Surnames lexicographically less than or equal to
>Jensen". From reading mailing list archives it seemed that this isn't
>true because the "sn" attribute doesn't have an ORDERING specification.
>Is that right?

Technically, yes.  Any attempt to use apply a non-specified
rule should result in an Undefined match.

>(It seems like it would be quite common to want to search
>for all names between two limits.)

You can (on supporting servers) use caseIgnoreOrderingMatch as
an extensible matching rule.  Of course, it's still implementation

>Anyway, can I get lexicographical ordering somehow?

Hack the implementation of caseIgnoreOrderingMatch in OpenLDAP
to behave as you desire.