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Re: rootdn in database

In OpenLDAP 2.* , you needn't add the rootDN in the DIT at all, indeed , we can add a Manager Dn to describe some info of the root Manager, but this is not must do that .

lucky:P) by China,X.D.Chen

Marian Steinbach writes:


In OpenLDAP 1.2* you definitely need the root dn object in the database.

The objectclass is whatever your root DN indicates. For example:

If your root DN is

ou=People, o=My Company, c=US

then your root object has to have the objectclass

objectclass: organizationalUnit


ou: People

because this is what "ou" comes from.

I don't know how how OpenLDAP 2.* behaves regarding this, but I guess it
hasn't changed.


Greg Jones wrote:

Hello All,

Here's an easy one for you.

Does the rootdn have to be added to the database to be usable? If so
what's objectclass should it use?

-- Greg