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回复: replica from slave to master still did't work in 2.0.7 ??

    first sorry for my last letter did not say clearly , the slave to master
replica which I point is when I use the client tools to send a update action
to the slave slapd, the slave slapd will send back a updateref to the client
tools to refer the master slapd , and then the client tools send a new
update action to the master slapd, then the master slapd implement the
update action and write a replica log file , which the slurpd daemon read it
and propagate the update data to the slave slapd , then all work is done .

    I read the Admin Guide section 3, there have a picture point the action
which I descirbe above , but when I settle my test system , I find that this
can not to implement , indeed I have the follow result :

   1. the master to slave replica is work well ;
   2. when you use a OpenLDAP client tool to update the slave slapd , if
your bind DN is the same as the updatedn which in the slave slapd conf file,
the slave slapd did not return a referral at all , even if you use the globe
referral directive instead  of the updatedn directive .
   3. if your bind DN is different from the updatedn in the slave slapd conf
file , then the slave slapd will return a Referral , and when I use the -C
parameter to implement the return referra to the master slapd , there have
"Insufficent Access" display .
   4. so I then use the following ACL in the master slapd conf file to test
             access to *
                     by * wirte
   5. well, then the update action is done , but when I use ldapsearch to
search the DIT , I find that the master slapd' DIT is update , but the slave
slapd's DIT is not update , then I check the replica directory which to
store the temproary log file , then I find that there have a reject file ,
this point that the master update itself and write the replica log file ,
but the slurpd did not implement the update to the slave slapd .
  6. I check the reject file , and find that there have a error , which is
the "modifiername",
there is not the correct DN , then I changed it by hand, and want to use the
One-Shot mode of slurpd to do the rest work , but when I use the following
command , it did not display any incorrcet , but the work still did not done

     slurpd -f /the master slapd conf file  -t /the temp directory to store
log file  -r /the reject log file  -o

  MY conclusion :
         1. the slave to master update is not work well, this maybe is the
OpenLDAP client tool is not smart enought to implement the updateref .

         2. the slurpd's One-Shot mode is also not work well .

thanks for any suggest !!

                             by China, X.D.Chen

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发件人: David Young <dyoung@nettonettech.com>
收件人: openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org <openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org>
日期: 2001年4月28日 20:36
主题: Re: replica from slave to master still did't work in 2.0.7 ??

>There is no slave to master replication, and I don't see any described in
>the Admin Guide. Where do you see that?
>If your client tries to update the slave, the slave should send back a
>referral to the master. It is then up to the client to bind to the master
>and make the update. If you are writing a client, you need to implement
>functionality to handle referrals.
>If you are thinking that when you send an update to the slave, the slave
>forwards the update to the master or somehow updates the master on your
>client's behalf, that is incorrect.
>From: "X.D.Chen" <chenxd@openet.com.cn>
>Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 17:16:41 +0800
>To: <openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org>
>Subject: replica from slave to master still did't work in 2.0.7 ??
>    I  refer the /openldap-2.0.7/tests/data  and
>/openldap-2.0.7/tests/scripts , I find that the replica test in the
>2.0.7 is only from the master to the slave , there did not have a slave to
>master test at all , and I read the replica log file
>/openldap-2.0.7/tests/test-repl/replica/slurpd.replog , I find all the test
>is from the master:9009 to the slave:9010, so I think the slave to master
>replica which described in the OpenLDAP 2.0 Admin Guide section 3 is not
>implemented at now , is this is true ???
>thanks for any suggest !!
>                                  by China,X.D.Chen