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lost installing ldap

Hi I'm trying to installing ldap. i got it to configure, install, and make install so thats fine and dandy, but I'm having some trouble adding entries and creating my organization..
i had accidentally run slapd with the default configuration. So I have an ldbm database with dc=my-domain,dc=com.
this is not what i want..
what i did then was to try to create another ldbm database.. i.e. dc=dino,dc=com... for testing purposes
i did this by modifing the slapd.conf, and restarting slapd. but when i do an ldapsearch it only finds the dc=my-domain,dc=com tree...
how do i get rid of this tree? or create a new tree? i've read the openldap administrator's guide. but it only tells me so much...
.Is there easier documentation on schema specification or how to interprete scheme files... I want to know how cn attribute is defined etc.. so that i can actually use ldap to hold an address book. but so far i don't understand the index attribute configuraion in chapter 7 of the openldap admin. guide.
in there it states
index cn,sn, uid
nidex objectClass pres, eq
but what do these two lines mean?
and in 7.2 it describes how to create a atabase off-line but what is the slapd database tool used to do this? it says it is described below but where below?
oh and here is another index example i dont understand:
index cn,sn,uid pres, eq, approx
index objectClass eq
it says these two lines create presense,equality and approximate indexes for the cn, sn, and uid attributes and an equality index for the objectClass attribute. . but what does this mean?
any help is appreciated. thanks again