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Re: Small HOWTO about OpenLDAP2, SASL, Kerberos and SSL/TLS (Was: OpenLDAP2 and SASL/Kerberos)

On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 11:43:52AM -0500, Will Day wrote:

> I wasn't sure how to find the version of the file I have (this is the
> 1.5.24 tar from the ftp site); I didn't see a version number in the
> gssapi.c.  I pulled down the CVS image, and compared the gssapi.c there to
> the one from 1.5.24, but didn't see either of the changes in the two gssapi
> patches (gssapi.patch, gssapi2.patch)

gssapi.patch: the Cyrus guys fixed it a different way.

>, nor anything that seemed to (as far as I could tell) address the "realm"
> issue.

Hmm, I might forgot to send them my patch in December. I have altered so
many software in my system that sometimes I cannot track what bugs have
I reported and what patches have I sent...


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