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2.0.7;BerkeleyDB;GNU pth and Linux

Does anybody have the following working?
   OpenLDAP 2.0.7
   Berkeley DB 3.1 (.17)
   GNU pth 1.3.7    (or .6)
   RH Linux kernel 2.2.12smp

If so, I'd very much appreciate a post of your configure syntaxes.  slapd
seems to runs fine using the verboten LinuxThreads0.8 but fails on the first
test using GNU Pth threads with the message:

ldap_pvt_thread_pool_submit failed (-1)

(Since LinuxThreads *seems* to be working, can some explain what can go
wrong using a preemptive threading package in an LDAP environment?)
Carrie Coy

FYI, this how I configured things:

Pth (passes all tests):
    ./configure --enable-optimize --enable-tests \

    ./configure --enable-shared

    ./configure  --with-threads=pth \
        --enable-crypt --with-ldbm-api=berkeley \
        --enable-shared --with-gnu=ld \
        --without-yielding-select --enable-rlookups=no