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password type?


I recently installed openldap 2.07. on solaris 2.6. I've been playing
around with various things, before I actually do any bulk loading
(trying out different schemas, etc). One thing I tried was ldappasswd as
I was curious as to how the password is generated and stored. Next I did
an export as the admin and took a look at the encrypted password. My
question is what kind of password is this?  (userPassword::

My conf file doesn't define password-hash so I'm guessing SSHA since
that's the default but I wonder since I didn't install any of the
addition libraries (e.g. no kerberos, openssl, or sasl).

The directory will be for internal company use and won't contain any
really sensitive material so security isn't a big concern right now.
Given that, is my setup OK? Thanks in advance for your reply.