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Re: database corruption

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Yoel Spotts wrote:

> We experienced an issue recently where an index file became corrupted
> (namely dn2id.dbb). We are using openldap 1.2.6 (I know we should use
> openldap 2.x but for now we need to use 1.2.x). The problem occurred on
> an hp11 box with sleepycat db 2.7.7. To the best of our knowledge the

I am using 2.0.7, and I have the same problem.

> file became corrupted through normal usage of slapd. All of a sudden we
> began to receive LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT to simple search requests that had
> been working previously. After finally figuring out how to use ldbmtest
> (whoa!) I discovered many dn's had been wiped out of the dn2id index
> file (including the top level entry). All the other index files were
> fine. So I ran ldbmcat and then ran the result ldif through ldif2ldbm
> and the dn2id got rebuilt and after that everything worked fine. 
> My questions are:
> a) How could this have happened? Is it an openldap issue or db2 issue?
> Is there a fix?

Could it be that your box was not shut down properly using a start-up 

> b) Was this the best way to rebuild the index file(s)? Is there a better
> way? Are any of the tools that come with db2 helpful?

No idea.