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database corruption

Hello all,

We experienced an issue recently where an index file became corrupted
(namely dn2id.dbb). We are using openldap 1.2.6 (I know we should use
openldap 2.x but for now we need to use 1.2.x). The problem occurred on
an hp11 box with sleepycat db 2.7.7. To the best of our knowledge the
file became corrupted through normal usage of slapd. All of a sudden we
began to receive LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT to simple search requests that had
been working previously. After finally figuring out how to use ldbmtest
(whoa!) I discovered many dn's had been wiped out of the dn2id index
file (including the top level entry). All the other index files were
fine. So I ran ldbmcat and then ran the result ldif through ldif2ldbm
and the dn2id got rebuilt and after that everything worked fine. 

My questions are:
a) How could this have happened? Is it an openldap issue or db2 issue?
Is there a fix?
b) Was this the best way to rebuild the index file(s)? Is there a better
way? Are any of the tools that come with db2 helpful?


Yoel Spotts
Yoel Spotts			yoel@vasco.com
VASCO Data Security, Inc.	http://www.vasco.com