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questions about threads/slapd/linux

I found the following archived answer regarding the true memory size of a
threaded slapd process.  Also found mentioned the to-be-documented
slapd.conf  "threads" setting which sets a maximum number.

My question:  is there any reason to limit the number of threads if they are
truely "sharing everything"?  Or is it best to let slapd manage things
Carrie Coy

Daniel Tiefnig wrote:
> hi, i've got another question:
> when i'm running slapd on an AIX machine, it starts one process and
> that's it.
> if i'm running slapd on linux, it starts 2 additional processes (one
> child and a child of the child, the first process with PPID 1, 'course).
> that normal?


Kernel-scheduled threads on Linux show as separate entries in the process
table.  They should actually share the same process id but, apparently,
most user-space tools get confused by that.  So that feature (known as
CLONE_PID) is off by default.

So those processes are your threads.  While they look like independent
processes, they are sharing nearly everything.