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Re: Netscape and SSL OpenLDAP

Randy Kunkee wrote:

> Try a newer version of Netscape.  I have it working via secure connections on
> FreeBSD 4.2, but not if I set it up to log in -- I have to use anonymous
> connections.  Sort of defeats the whole process.  (I posted the error message
> previously: "referral hop limit exceeded".)

Here it is (I had to switch my machine off the whole weekend for maintenance
in my office):

by hand-setting

    user_pref("ldap_2.servers.YOURSERVER.auth.dn", "YOURDN");

in $HOME/.netscape/preferences.js

and then starting netscape, you're prompted for your password only;
in this case I've been able to make netscape's address book to work
on ssl with login. I couldn't find any other way.


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