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Re: How to find the containment hierarchy by only looking at LDAPMessage?

Zhang Dawei wrote:
Hi, I am new to LDAP and currently doing a project using LDAP. I have created a directory tree in the repository. I also need to write a LDAP client to access the directory. I want to do a simple search using search base LDAP_SCOPE_SUBTREE to get all the entries under one particular entry. From my understanding, the LDAPMessage I get is like a linked list. Is there a standard way for me to know the original containment hierarchy by only looking at LDAPMessage, for example, one entry is a sub entry of another one? Thanks in advance. Zhang Dawei   

I gather you want to derive the base of the original search from the search results.  You might guess it from walking through all the results, but you could not be sure.  The answer is that you need to keep tack of this if it is important to you.