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Authentication of LDAP-Users via pam

>The story continues. cyrus-sasl was now compiled from the sources 
>with '--enable-plain' and '--enable-login'.

>But a 'ldapsearch -d 2' shows as supportedSASLMechanisms only 'DIGEST-MD5' and 'CRAM-MD5'. 
>What am i doing possibly wrong?

Thanks to help from the List PLAIN and LOGIN are now presented by the server. Minor problems
with the name-resolution that leaded to "Local Error" are fixed also (If i ever get this to work
and understand why i will write a HOWTO).

Next Problem: Despite presenting me 'PLAIN' and 'LOGIN' as supportedSASLMechanisms, a 

	ldapsearch -d 3 -U uid -Y PLAIN

comes up with: 'ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Unknown authentication method.' A

	ldapsearch -d 3 -U uid -Y DIGEST-MD5

against sasldb works like a charm. Has anyone seen this before and knows a remedy?

	tbu (going desperate)