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WG: Newbie questions


I'm relatively new to LDAP and especially OpenLDAP. I went through the FAQs and skimmed the mailing list archives but still have
some questions.

* I'd like to use OpenLDAP for authentication on Sun Solaris 7, Windows2000 Server, and Linux (SuSe) from Windows 2000 and MAC
clients. Access is via samba, ssh, ftp and netatalk. Is this at all possible? Which modules will I need for the different OSes,
services? Which LDAP version would be best to use? Are there pointers to the specific schemas required for these services?

* I've been told that it is possible to use OpenLDAP for storing M$ Outlook contacts. While I managed to query the LDAP server from
within Outlook, I haven't been able to store contacts from Outlook. DOes anyone know how to do this?

* I'm using the Java LDAP Browser/Editor, which has the option to query for available base DNs. What do I have to do so that
OpenLDAP returns it's base DN?

* Is anyone aware of webbased client (possibly a webmin module?) that supports user management via OpenLDAP? Or do I have to use
standart LDAPclient?

Any help would be highly appreciated.